(Growing together class)

Explore what the four Gospels say about the life and ministry of Jesus Christ. This chronological study of Jesus’ life will encourage, convict and inspire you to follow Him in every area of your life. (Room 140-D at 8:30AM)

(Colossians 2:7 Class)

Paul’s letter to the Romans contains some of the most concise yet deeply profound teaching in the New Testament. Richly theological and very practical, Romans offers wisdom on how to apply the Gospel to every area of life. Join us as we explore some of the insight into the Good News of Jesus through this powerful letter. (Room 140-A at 8:30AM)


The Friendship Class is a group for individuals with disabilities and their friends. (Room 156 at 10AM)

Gospel of Mark
(watermark Class)

Join this in-depth study of the Gospel of Mark. This compact but intense Gospel unfolds the story of the Messiah Jesus Christ and His mission to redeem the lost. Mark continues to display the uniqueness of Jesus in stunning and vibrant clarity two thousand years later. (Room 140-B at 10AM)

The Life of Elijah
(Common Cause Class)

Look into this powerful Old Testament prophet. The life and faith Elijah are a testimony of God’s power and provision and points us to the coming of the Savior, Jesus Christ. (Room 140-E at 10AM)

Meet your conscience
(Legacy Builders Class)

Dive into an interactive series titled, "Meet Your Conscience." The study will explore what the New Testament has to say about our conscience and its role in our moral convictions. (Room 140-C at 10AM)

(Victorious Women Class)

This community is made up of women who attend church by themselves. Each week we will process through questions stemming from the sermon. We will discuss how to apply the truths heard on Sundays to our everyday lives. (Room 140-E at 11:15AM)

(Young adults Class)

For college and career aged adults (under 35), join this discussion, based on the sermon week. (Room 140-B at 11:15AM)