We were made for more than consuming our time and resources on our own desires. We were made to be missional; to live our lives on mission for Christ. Made For More is a church-wide campaign to mobilize the people of Liberty Bible Church to live out God's mission through FIVE initiatives.

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10,000 Hours of Missional Prayer

In the year ahead, we will focus our entire congregation on praying missionally for our church to be mobilized for evangelism. We are praying for boldness to share the Gospel, for the salvation of those who are far from God in our city, county, and our world, and for the gospel to spread rapidly.

PRAY missional prayers for 8 minutes a week to help us reach our goal of 10,000 hours. 

TRACK your time praying each week by downloading a prayer log here and dropping it in the offering plate each Sunday or track your time digitally by using the online form here.

SHARE how we can pray for you as you boldly share the Gospel. As you have situations or relationships that need prayer, please tell us by filling out the form here

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1,000 Adults in Missional Groups

The Great Commission commands us to go into all the world and make disciples. This includes the entire process of introducing people to the gospel and then helping them to understand and apply the Word of God to real life. This happens best in a small community of believers. Our desire is for every adult who calls Liberty home to be involved with a group of other believers who together seek to make disciples among those who are far from God in our community.

Groups calendar:

  • July-August 2018 - Training for new leaders
  • September 2018 - Group Registration and launch

If you are not already involved in a group or Sunday Learning Community, commit to joining one. Contact Pastor Kevin Cram for details.

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100 Households Engaged through Missional Relationships

Liberty will come alongside those in need in tangible ways.

We will provide friendship, care and necessary help to meet physical, emotional and spiritual needs for each household. The ultimate purpose will be to show the love of Christ.


    You can identify people and households that would benefit from this caring relationship. We ask that if you nominate a family, you commit to being part of their care team and recruit others to help you care for them. 

    We want to care for families and fulfill their needs. You might have time, skills or possessions that could help a family. If you want to help fill a need, please let us know what you can offer. 

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    10 Community Events

    Living out the mission of Christ is always more effective and enjoyable when we do it together. Throughout this ministry year Liberty will leverage 10 major events engaging our communities with both fun and truth.

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    1 Church Plant

    We believe that healthy churches reproduce themselves in planting other churches. Over the years, Liberty has been involved with planting churches locally and around the world. In the next year, we will partner with some of our missionaries to plant a new church among refugees. We will support this church plant through our prayers, possibly sending a short-term team and financially through the Thanksgiving Offering. Our desire is to raise $25,000 toward this endeavor.


    • Pray for Pastor Z who will lead the church plant
    • Pray for adequate funding for this effort
    • Pray for an openness to the Gospel among refugees

    For details on this initiative or to receive email updates, contact Kevin Cram for details.

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