Church Directory

Do you know the names of the people sitting around you in worship?

Help us build a tool that will put names with faces. Be a part of our church directory. It’s not complete without YOU!

Please choose the location/dates that work best for your schedule. Photos can be taken at any campus.

For participating, each family will receive:

  • A free professional photography session

  • A complimentary 8x10 inch family photograph

  • A free copy of the church directory when its ready!

Photos sessions available at LaPorte:

  • Wed., May 22 | 2PM-9PM

  • Thu., May 23 | 2PM-9PM

  • Fri., May 24 | 2PM-9PM

  • Sat., May 25 | 9AM-4PM

Photos sessions available at Chesterton:

  • Wed., June 5 | 2PM-6PM

  • Thu., June 6 | 2PM-5PM

  • Fri., June 7 | 2PM-5PM

  • Sat., June 8 | 9AM-12PM

What if you still can’t find an open photo appointment that works for your schedule?
Please consider submitting a favorite photo of you and your loved ones. Personal submissions cost $5 per photo. Please choose a photo with a portrait orientation (rather than landscape). Digital submissions are encouraged but any picture can be scanned at the church office (CH) and immediately returned to you. If this picture was taken by a professional photographer (other than one from a previous directory) we must obtain permission from the photographer to use in the directory. Call 219.926.3038 if you have any questions.”

By participating in Liberty’s directory, you agree to have your photo be a part of Liberty Bible Church’s database. Our database, MyLiberty, can be viewed online by others from Liberty via a restricted login. If you have any additional questions, please contact the church office.